Saturday, October 16, 2004


Food comes from the soil. Dirt treated well is soil. Dirt treated like dirt is what you pay for when you buy food that is not organic. Yes, yes, I know, sometimes it's just too expensive, but usually not.

Farmers' Markets are the sweet way to support organic and local produce. Ask the Farmer, because some, like Bob Cannard's stand, manned by his sons Ross and Marius, doesn't proclaim organic, since Bob, an iconoclast like me, doesn't want to do the paperwork.

In spring and summer and fall, but not now, on Saturday mornings you can buy organic produce out at the Sonoma Garden Park, which I hope to have them rename the Pauline Bond Garden Park. Anyway, this park, garden, little bit of paradise is my contribution to Sonoma so far.

I was intent on feeding the soil there, lots of organic matter. Green mulching the plots. Wood chipping the paths. Aw, we made the soil sweet. Soil and soul, and two way street.

There's another nice essay in here on gardening.

May your day be sweet and your life be a rich, full and beautiful garden.


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