Sunday, January 01, 2006

Sunday, jan 1, 2006: New Year's Poem, the lines of life


The new year
begins every day
sun rising
even behind thick wet clouds
always a sun
even if we don’t see or remember it
breath rising
breath releasing

even when our mind wanders
oh, sweet mind of mine
would you like to come back home
nestle in with me for a year or a day or an hour
tuck on in snug
to the breathing in
breathing out
and the shape of me as this breather

the five lines of me
two arm lines ending
in fingers and thumb,
these fingers and thumb, right Now
moving the pen across the page
as these words unfurl
and my breathing rises and releases
and I know it or don’t know it


the two legs line, marvels of moving
and rising up high from the ground
grounded on amazing toes
wiggle hands that I usually forget
how much fun they can have
when I notice and know and appreciate them

legs rising to hip joint, way in,
not where everyone thinks it is,
hip joint, so hip, pivoting on the marvel
of the pelvis,
goes this way, that, whirls and swirls
bumps and grinds
propels us, walk us, sexes us, power us,
fun pelvis, miraculous pelvis

and up from this magic bowl
the spine line
holding ribs, rib basket, not cage,
protecting the heart and breath
this same breathing in
breathing out
I remember and forget and rejoice to rejoin

ribs that float the shoulders holding
the arms and those fingers and thumb
to reach out and touch the world
and topping the spine line
the old noggin’
full of too much words, too many thoughts

and high up with eyes to see, and ears to hear
and a nose to sniff our possibilities
of amazement, and learning, and loving
and delight
in the sun rising
always new year
cloud rain grass
mountain and meadow
five line, breathing in, breathing out
Ocean of Life.

Sunday, January 1, 2006


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