Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Wednesday, April 12: How to Feel Good

Getting up this morning, I moved slowly, interested in how I could do the “normal” things with more awareness. That made life interesting, pleasant, sweet.

Then, speaking of sweet, my Sweetie did something different than the way Chris as God wants things done. I followed my breathing. I realized she had better things to do than remember all of Chris as God’s rules.

I set a timer for 16 minutes and did pretend yoga, or yoga with a Feldenkrais flavor, going slow, exploring, trying different options, never getting a pose “right.”

Then I had some fresh lemon juice from a fresh lemon, and swished out my teeth so the juice wouldn’t melt the enamel. And I put away the dishes and puttered around the kitchen and kissed my Sweetie on the back on her neck, a sweet spot.

She was busy and this even annoyed her a little and I followed my breathing and loved all of that.


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