Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Porpoise of Life


The days come along, the sun comes up, and we are alive one more day. What to do? How to live?

Obviously, we are things to do, jobs to go to, families to raise, friends to see, and then: what is it all about?

Well: the short version: being good to the Earth and ourselves and others. And at this point in history: beginning to clean up the mess humanity has made and pull the species back from its almost blind lunge to extinguish itself.

This seems like a daunting job, and it is, and that's a part of the Really Big Job: to be happy and self loving and other people loving and to save the Earth. Which is a misstatement, really, the Earth will be fine if we humans wipe out ourselves and many of the living species, it will survive and evolution will create something new again, hopefully a little more heart and nature smart (as opposed to brain smart) than we are.

The Earth will survive, so what we really mean when we say Save the Earth, is to bring the balance with nature back to a livable point where we don't wipe out the human experiment.

So, here we are. Life is short, or long, and we have the challenge: to wake up to this glorious moment.

To be happy.

To be good to ourselves.

To be good to others.

To "Save the Earth" (as a place that humans can survive and thrive).

These seem like pretty good porpoises of life.

And I guess: to have something like a sense of humor, which a statement like "porpoise of life" may or may not qualify as.

Oh, well, that's part of the good life:
to make an effort,
and if it fails,
take a happy breath
and move on.


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