Tuesday, December 25, 2007

christmas awake, christmas asleep, fun game

marlie pretty
Beautiful Marlie and her father "Pa"/Lou

we can
i can
be awake
around other

or asleep

it makes a

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At 9:58 PM , Blogger chris elms said...

Sleep sleep sleep sleeeeeeep peep peep

Are you happy do you shine do you love the earth and your bros and sisters. Yeah! Yeah! I am you and you are me. Yeah even when I forget but it feels so good when I love you all, fat thin rich poor chief raw foods old young sleep awake. I love you all of you. you are me and I am you. If I am awake and better than my bros or sis am I really awake or just fooling me. Don't make us different . Crabby and awake or alive and learning to see we are not separate.Be awake to joy in you me the tree the bee. All one man all one. I love you, you dog gone sleepy head.


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