Saturday, November 28, 2009

DAY TWENTY-EIGHT Standing up straight

Standing up straight

We have practiced standing with our arms out and rolling everything forward, so we slump/ curl in on ourselves, and come to something like a little ball.

Then we “unfurl” and become arched, bellies out, backs forward, sternum up, head up a bit, pelvis tilted so our rear end is seeking out the back of our head, and our arms rotate back upward, thumbs coming toward the sky and then toward the back.

And so, now, put down this book, and do this a bit. This is grand for the whole nervous system. Curl in and round the back, feeling the arms come in and forward. Uncurl and arch the back and let the arms and hands rotate back.

Okay, now for the brain. Do the curling forward with your head and belly in and pelvis tilting toward your face, but with this allow your arms to rotate backwards, with the thumbs going up and then towards behind us. Make this easy at first. Go slow. Sense what’s happening. Less effort rather than more for something new. Take it with delight and ease.

Then from here unfurl the most of you, with back arching and pelvis and back of the head moving toward each other, while bringing the arms in the rolling forward way.

Go slowly for the sake of the brain

Go slowly for the sake of the shoulders.

Go very slowly for the sake of discovering all about you.

Really do this, don’t just read and think, “yeah, yeah, I’ll get around to that later.” Try it now. Notice and sense any “resistance” and breathe and then try it out. If confused by the words, go slowly, you can figure them out. Go really slowly and don’t demand instant success and encourage and delight it a lot of discovery.

After you’ve done this, go back to the easier furling and unfurling, and then think about and sense your spine all day.


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