Friday, December 18, 2009

Day 48: Five Lines to Waking up in the Day

a bunch of arms, legs and spines in joyous action

More alive, up and down and 5 lines

Today’s game is to pay attention to the good old five lines, as we’ve done several times, and this could be an underlying game every day.

Five lines: sense your two arms from shoulders to finger tips. Sense your two legs from hip joint to the tips of all ten toes. Sense your spine from pelvis to head.

Five lines.

Lie down on a comfortable surface and enjoy this: notice three differences:

One: what is different about letting yourself have this “time out” on the floor.

Two: notice differences right and left, right leg, and left leg, right arm and left arm.

Three: if you add on noticing your breathing, what difference does that make?

Now come back to concentrating on your five lines.

Then, keeping the sensing of your five lines going, come up to stand. Notice what you notice in standing. How did lying down help your standing be more awake and aware?

Now lie down again, and sense with any additional input from what you noticed standing. What would you like to be more aware of and where would you like to be more at ease in standing? Play with that in lying.

Again come back to standing, again keep awareness in both legs and both arms and your spine during the transition. Most people go to sleep in transitions.


Now in standing, sense your five lines and go about the day realizing your amazing gifts: these arms, these legs, this spine, this awareness that can sense and know all this.

And every once in awhile, lie down and recharge your awareness.


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