Monday, December 28, 2009

Day 58: Getting Straight by moving with our learning

On the back, on your back, learning with your head, using your brain

Lie down on a firm and comfortable surface. A firm bed, a wood or plywood floor with a rug or carpet, a yoga mat or two, a grassy area, some sand. Lie down and start to notice differences:

1) What is the difference between the world before you lay down and the world of laying (lying???) down on the horizontal surface? How do you feel calmer, or more connected to yourself, or more able to slow down and come to who you really are? Or put it this way: what feels good about this way of being for awhile, that you were missing out on before.
2) What is the difference between your right side and your left? Maybe this is obvious, maybe not.

3) What is the difference between putting your attention on yourself, and “just resting” on the floor?

We’ve done this before. Good. Good it is to do again, and now in lying on the floor, play with these:

Turn your head right and left, very easily.

With feet so the soles are on the floor (standing the feet, knees toward the sky), let your hips go right and left.

Turn your eyes right and left.

Take your own time and initiative and playfulness and create all the possibilities you can with the three: the hips, the head and the eyes.

Sometimes all can rotate the same way, sometimes two one way and the third the other, sometimes just two move and the third stays in the initial position.

You figure, you play, you learn.

Keep playing with head and hips and eyes all day. Enjoy.

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