Monday, November 23, 2009

Day Twenty-three: Sensing our five lines

Sensing our bodies as we “do” our day: arms and legs and spine

On the first day, we “tried” to keep our awareness both inside of our bodies and outside as well.

Specifically, we made the effort to “sense” our legs and feet and even where the legs meet the pelvis as we went about talking to others and eating and walking to the car or bicycle, and driving the car or riding the bicycle.

Sensing our legs as we got ready for bed, or paced the office floor wondering what to do next, or went to the market to get some sweet food with which to fed ourselves.

Legs are down there. Grounding ourselves in the reality of the ground.

This was the first awareness as sensing game.

Then we added on our arms, the fingers, the wrists, elbows, shoulders, bones, flesh, weight and shape and flesh and blood and feel of the two of them.

Then we added on our spine, and maybe the ribs holding the shoulder blades holding the shoulders.

And maybe the pelvis where our legs come into our hip joints.

That’s a lot of us. So, whether you’ve taken that on as a daily “background” practice of extremely “grounding” nature, or whether you haven’t, today it’s back to concentrating on and sensing and being rooted in our five lines:

Two arms. Two legs. One spine.

This is a game.

Enjoy it.

Don’t feel badly when you forget. Feel ecstatic when you remember. Good.

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