Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day Twenty-Two: Be of Good Cheer

The present is always here

The present is always here. Today’s game is to be present, as is the game of every day. To be present in your body, noticing both arms and both legs and spine and breathing.

And to be of good cheer.

Walking in and out of your house, sense your arms and legs and spine. Notice your breathing. Be of good cheer.

Talking to people, even people we give the story of "troublesome," or "awful," (and of course, what's the turn around there?) be of good cheer.

Driving a car, walking, riding a bicycle: be of good cheer.

Making your food: be of good cheer.

Hint: slowing down, being present, not falling into the rushing to the next thing way of being, this will immensely help this game.

The game, even as you read this: be present in your sensing, and

Be of Good Cheer.

Now, now, now.

That’s the goal.

And what happens when we “fail,” and get in a grumpy mood. Well, to hell with the whole project, right? We suck, life sucks, this is too much positive thinking crap, doesn’t the writer know about mean ex-mates, and financial troubles and health problems, to say nothing of global warming and slavery and abuse of women and pesticides and all the other “bad stuff.”

Well, actually, the writer rides a bicycle, and borrows rather than owns a car, and tries to grow or buy local most of his food, and still: the game today is to be of good cheer.

And so when we find that we’ve “messed up,” which is to say, “forgotten ourselves,” and have drifted out of good cheer, so what? The world isn’t over. We get an A+ for just playing this game, so why not be of good cheer about forgetting and remembering again. What a miracle to remember the present.

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