Saturday, January 02, 2010

62: Down and up, rotation, enjoyment, coming to now

Lean down, reach up, breathe, twist, enjoy.

Sit in a chair or on a low bench of rock. Breathe and feel yourself in a more or less upright position. Now take your right hand inside your left knee and feel down your leg to the heel of your left foot, maybe even to the floor. Go up and down the lower left leg with your right hand. If your hand can go farther than the floor, let it scoot along the edge of your foot and around to the other side, and then come back up again.

Come up each time to a more or less upright position.


Then try the whole thing the other way: lean down with your left hand on the inside of your right calf and head toward the heel, and maybe even around your foot, and then back up. Don’t strain or effort. Just do what’s enjoyable and each time come back to more or less upright.


Now get fancier, take your right hand down the inside of your left calf again, and when you bring the right hand up, keep bringing it higher and higher until it’s at face height, and then let it keep going up and to the right, rotating your spine to the right as you go, and watching your hand going up and to the right with your eyes and turning your head to see it, too. Then come back down, all the way to your left foot.

Go slowly and enjoy this, feeling your shape the whole time. Then rest.

And do the other side, left hand down the inside of your right calf and then up and to the left, as you arch and twist to the left and watch your hand with head and eyes. A number of easy and enjoyable times.


If you want to get fancy, do this in standing, taking one hand down the opposite leg toward the floor, and then up and to it’s own side as you twist your spine and head to watch the hand. Go slowly, figure this out and enjoy it.

Rest and then play this game on the other side, left hand down to right foot, and then up, up and rotating to the left as your whole spine unfurls that way. Breathe and enjoy this.

Breathe and enjoy your day.

What would a day be like of “thinking” less (in the words in the head = “thinking” way) and sensing our arms and legs and spine more?

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