Thursday, February 03, 2011

1007: Smiling, laughing, etc

I have a friend,
you might even call her a girlfriend,
who is most beautiful when she smiles and laughs.
And yeah, the other thing, too.

And when she is present in talking to me,
or doing anything
she is doing.

I have watched people in both Anat Baniel trainings and
Feldenkrais trainings
get more and more beautiful as the days went on
and as the training progressed.

So: what have we here:
Beauty is not just in the eye of the beholderl
if the beholder is me,
but in the presence and joy
of the person at whom we are looking.

And what does that mean?

It means:
be nice to your love ones
so they'll smile and laugh and be more beautiful.

It means: be present
around your loved one
so they will feel calmer and more at ease
and more present themselves
and then will be more beautiful and the we'll enjoy
looking at them more

High level selfishness this:
be kind and present and joyful around people
and you'll have a nicer world to look at

good fun,

ps, coming to Texas for the "warm winters" seemed a "good idea" Friday as the temps hung out in the 70's
and today, in the 20's, well:
the old saying:
"Want to make God laugh:  have a plan."

take ease

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