Friday, January 20, 2012

love is everything, love is blind, the heart isn't

I used to post on this blog on Fridays, and then paste it in the the
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who knows if i'll start doing that again


here goes:

love is everything, love is blind, the heart isn't blind

the heart isn't blind:
it knows what it loves:

it knows whom it loves:

and then we find someone to hang out with,
mate with, partner with, marry

all that is good
and then what happens
and where is this
blindness they
(the famous "they")
talk about when they say
"love is blind?"

blind to the possibilities of disaster
if you or I are counting on love
to carry the wood in
or cook the dinner
or make the car payments

love can be an incentive to do
all that
but we have to make real efforts
and real movement in
the world to do these
and many other

and so;
why chop the wood
or weed the garden
or go to work

for love

wait wait
isn't love about the yummy hug partner
go to bed with
make kids with
talk to


and love is about
moving our life through love
with grace ease and gratitude

and I still haven't discovered why love is
and the truth comes out:
these pseudo poems are me
discovering what I know

as I go along

and love is blind
if you want it
if I want it
to translate into control:

as in: just because I adore you,
you won't snore
you won't get upset
you won't make ridiculous demands of me

and with blindness
I am "surprised" if you are less than perfect
and get all twisted and
forget to love you

so then, love is blind to the obvious:
i'm imperfect
you are imperfect
that's perfect

it wants the other person to be perfect

and the other person is

it's just that there behavior sometimes
is not what's best for our life
and we have to say no,
or let's spend some time apart
or let's talk about this while we are present
or let's do the work of Byron Katie

and if the heart isn't blind:
what's that mean?
we can always always always love
another person,
whether we are saying yes or no,
the heart can see through the nonsense,
the demands they may be making
the demands we may be making

love and the heart can always
let the person live
if need be
find ways to create some "room"
for ourselves
if that's what we need

This is a fine ramble
there is a lot in here
I can use
and perhaps
you, too

may love speed your day

happy discovery Friday,


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

God is love, so might as well love back

GOD:Loving God for the hell of it

God is good. We’ve heard that. But then again, we don’t have to believe that.
We don’t have to believe in God.
I don’t have to care about or think about God.
And we like to love God, sometimes and those times are in indication of the deeper callings in Life.

Remember when you were small and looked up at the stars and it seems so amazing, that they were so many and so perfect and so brilliant and you were down here and they were up there and it was all just amazing.
That’s what loving God can be like.

Or when you sat by a stream one time, or many, and rested your back against a tree or a rock, and just did “nothing.” Just watched the water flow by and delighted in the sparkling, rippling, reflecting light bouncing from the sun off the water and into your eyes and into your brain and into your heart and your breathing and you and the stream seemed as if they were one.
All is one. All is One.
Some people say things like that. What do you think?
What do you feel?
What do you experience?
What do you love?

Say you love flowers. Is that a way to love God? Sure.
Say you love sunsets and walks on the beach. What if loving that is loving God is loving yourself in your expanding form?
Say God is something like the Whole Tamale, and so anything you love is loving God.

That makes it easy to love God. Later we’ll roam around in the scary world of God is everything, even the “bad stuff,” but let’s start easy.
Loving sunsets and puppies frolicking in the mud and babies laughing and birds singing and rainbows rainbowing these are all easy.
And that’s good, you know. We tend to forget the easy, the simple. We want God to be something fancy we have to pray hard for, or go to India to join the ashram.
We think God is some strict father, and we don’t get the goodies, the love and okay to get into heaven and whatnot, if we don’t toe some line, shape up, be good.
We don’t’ have to be good.
We might want to be kind and loving and useful to others and the Earth, and when you really feel those urges they are from that complicated and simple all at once place of All is One. The being kind to you is being kind to another part of me. The helping the Earth along is being useful to another part of me.

We appear to be apart from others and from Nature. And we appear to be a part of others and a part of Nature.
We are a part of love.
Love is a part of us.

We spend our days often, way often, forgetting that we are love.
That’s okay. God is love, some say, so that God, She or He can but us some slack when we forget to love.
Cutting us slack is called mercy.
Someone once said two things are infinite: human stupidity and God’s mercy. One kind of calls forth the other, and maybe humans are less stupid that confused and cut off from their natural intelligence.
And how do we get back to God, get back to our true selves, get back to days of more and more Love.

Start now, course. We always start now.

The love we want is in us now.
When we come to the Now, everything slows down, and we have this great swoosh of peace. Why? Because all those things lined up ahead of us don’t exist in the present.
Because all those things we remember and have told ourselves about our past, they don’t exist in the Now either.
In the now, the Now, the NOW, not much is left.
Except a peace.
A happiness.
A friend.
A sense of having come home to our true selves.

Is coming home to our true selves, our True Selves, coming home to God?

You don’t have to believe in any God, or anything, to feel very peaceful, happy, free by coming back to your true self, your true Self, in the Now.

And does that make the Now another name for God?

I’m not sure. I don’t think so.

I think God might be the vastness, the beauty, the ALL OF IT, that we can see and feel and merge with from the now.

But that’s just my story.

What’s your feeling when you come to the now, really now?

Does that feel like God, or a path to God, or just a great relief from all the regular ordinary everyday suffering and hurry and worry and contention and bother?

It’s your life.
It’s your feelings.
It’s you now to love and live in or not.

Try loving God, with or without believing in God. And then just coast there, without thoughts, in the Now, and see what happens.
Feel what happens.
Love what happens.
Love yourself.
Love It ALL.


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Friday, January 06, 2012

love is this moment caressing itself

Love is important
and it goes like this:

you are amazing,
and I cherish you just as you are

that's the honeymoon
and why not have it always be the honeymoon

like this:
the Other does something that irriates
we see that as our problem
we got irritated

and we see it as a chance to play:
"Hey, I tweeked myself when you
so and so

is that weird, that I tweeked myself
or is that some insane notion
that you are supposed to always
do things just the way

I want you to do them?"

the quote means
you say it.
you speak to the other person
about the bother in you
you do NOT
blame them for the bother

you both get curious:

them about whether they wanted to tweek you

you get curious about: whether you have program
that the Other "should" do
what you wish the other to do

i know
i know
it sounds too simple

aren't we supposed to get in
conflict when we
"don't get our way?"

if we want to be unhappy
we can get into conflict

if we want to be happy
then curiosity
and good old fashioned
letting the other person be
who they are

goes a long way

and la

here's the deal:
until we wake up
there is no real happiness

what does that mean?

it means
in the present
love is always possible

out of the present
it's just our robot and theirs
either meshing
or not

hard reality
so fucking amazing:
we can come free any
is always right now,

no waiting wanting or coniving
it's right here

this one , too, of course

and such
to one
and all,

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