Saturday, April 28, 2012

Now, Nature and Love

We look at a river, a creek, an ocean, a meadow, a redwood, and oak,
even an elm.

Easy to enjoy.
East to just look, take it in, feel content, happy, at ease.

Nature reflecting back to us
the wonder of creation.

Telling us really, how grand we
how grand is life.

These are sweet messages:
the sky is just there
and as it is:
perfect, wonderful,
and we can love it

almost any time
we slow down
and come into the

the right now

and let the sky be what we
without even the word

without even the word "blue"

but that color
ah, without a name
and with all that bouncing around in
our retina
and in our brain
and in our heart
and in our whole Selves:

what sweetness

and the sweetness
which is who we really are
makes us remember
who we really are:


we are love
and we blame the sky,
which we feel we love

or the river or the creek or the meadow
or the rose
or the cat or the mouse or the mockingbird dove quail
horse squirrel deer moose pigeon

and now
and love

they kind of all swirl together

and when we are "in love"
it is as if we are seeing the beloved
the way we see a rose
or the ocean
or the robin

nature is just fine
we don't want it to gain weight loose weight
appreciate us more
talk more talk less
say just the right thing

in fact
loud ocean
silent leaf shimmer
nature has a non verbal glory
that is
one of the hallmarks
of the now;

just what is

without the blah, blah
explaining it

even this blah, blah,
which might,
like good blah blah
inspire you to shut down the computer
and go stroll a bit
in the now
in the nature

in love
people around you

the whole


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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Loving the What is of "Bad" communication

Let's say this is happening:
You are talking with someone.

They are disgruntled with you.
You are disgruntled with them.

This happens, you know.

And what's a "waking up" kind of person,
an "on the way to enlightenment" person to do?


Remember that the story: "This is supposed to be going
better is just a story."

To the present.
To curiosity.
To honesty.

Try the truth,
From the present: I'm feeling uncomfortable with how this is going,
in my chest, and in my breathing and in my story that "you should be different"

Try curiosity:
I wonder what the secret war we are up to is.
Or, I wonder how we're into I'm right , you're wrong land.
Or, I wonder if we could do this differently.

Try honesty:
Part of me just wants to win this argument,
another part wants to have peace and love.

I'm not sure what to do, but I suspect we need to do something different.

Try connecting:
What do you think is missing?
What would you like that you think you aren't getting?

Something like that.

That's the start.

There's more.

Come to my workshop, if you are in Austin,
May 3, 6-8 PM
Reduced rates today, April 25 and tomorrow.
$30 first person in relationship, business, group,
$20 second.

Price at door: $50/ $35.

The aim of the workshop:
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Double relationship happiness
Double "enlightenment"

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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Yesterday is gone, one more healing game


[One of the great glories of the past: It is over.]

Think of an argument or a disagreement you have about something your partner, even your imaginary partner, did in the past.
Look at them, or imagine them in the present.
Feel, breathe, sense, aware your world in the present.
Then go back to the “story” about how the past “should have been different.”
Then come back to the present.

Look at them.
Say this: “I can go into the past and make myself….(sad, unhappy, angry, etc, you fill in the blank) with this story {{{ gibberish, gibberish, gibberish}}}. Or I can be present and notice this…..(fill in the blank with the present).”

Go back and forth on this for ten to twenty minutes.
Feel the calming wonderful peace of the now.

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