Monday, December 20, 2004

interesting websites all about the garden, the beautiful garden, my "credentials," since I haven't been on a bunch of commissions a magazine that helps promote one of the most useful and exciting design principles on the planet: thinking and acting as nature does, so that the culture and agriculture can be permanent, not using up the Earth as is now being done a system of learning, connecting mind and body, that inspired me to run for city council, since once you begin learning again as you did as a child, anything seems possible. a new friend and colleague has this list of things he likes, uses, or recommends. pretty fun guy, pretty fun website

a favorite phrase of Moshe Feldenkrais, the inventor: making the impossible possible, the possilbe easy and the easy elegant. an amazing new magazine devoted to people and ideas that are making a happy, real and positive change on this planet not as great a website as the organization is fine, but gives an idea of all the things they do find out about aggendas, commissions, and download the general plan update ( or go to city hall and get a hardcopy) not as generous as ode magazine, but it hints at one of the great instituions in America. all about the local radio station; if you haven't gotten the bug yet, check it out about the movie about the scary stuff they are doing with genetically engineering of food what if oil runs out? Hmmm, that will make life a whole new ballgame. a movie about this.


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