Friday, February 24, 2006

Friday, Feb. 24: The Importance of Laughing

The first thing I need to remember to laugh at is myself. The Chris Elms project. The Chris Elms story. I am this and this and this. I can do this and this and this. Yes, maybe that’s true. Maybe not. But what am I really?

Someone who can sit and type and breathe and listen to another person and hug another person, and fix myself breakfast and walk around the block. It is these simple and wonderful aspects of life that I have in common with everyone that make me special, only when I know and appreciate them as they are happening. Then I am special, to myself. Here I am typing. Here I am eating. Here I am doing yoga, or Felden-Yoga, or whatever. It’s just a human in a body with a mind, being present.

This is simple.

This is wonderful.

When I concoct stories about how other people should be different, I am making myself God. And they should be different, drive less, eat more healthy, care for the planet, learn about how their bodies and minds work. And is it true that they should? Not, until they do. And here’s the laugh, the laugh’s on me: I can do all these things, and if it makes me happy, great. And if it doesn’t I can learn what will make me more happy. This is too simple.

I have to laugh at myself when I make life too complicated, when I make myself too important, when I get all worked up about how others should change. Even with a ghastly President, it’s not my job to waste my energy wishing he were intelligent or humane. My job is to be intelligent and humane as often and as easily and as pleasurably as possible.

Did this say anything, this little tidbit? I hope so. If not, the laugh’s on me.


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