Monday, February 13, 2006

Monday, Feb. 13: Love and other Four Letter Words

Love is good. Love is hard. Love is live, or it is not. Take note. Love is live, or it is not. The story of love is one of the best stories, especially an “I love ….”story. The story that …. love me, may or may not be true, but actually it’s a good one to believe, to operate on a positive delusion perhaps, but one that would bias us to be of good cheer and kind and happy behavior.

Real love, though, inspires action. A kind tone of voice. The attention to actually look at , actually listen to, to kindly touch the other person. This is fun. This is why people have dogs. Dogs adore people and aren’t about to hold back on their love and affection. What a way to think about life: be as loving as a dog.

Oh, well. It’s the year of the Dog as I write this, 2006, so might as well learn from our furry four legged friends. But try not to get a dog, because another four letter sacred word is land, and huge amounts of the Earth’s resources go into feeding cats and dogs, so lonely people don’t have to feel quite so lonely.

Why do we feel lonely? We are disconnected from our real self. Real self. Land. Love. Take. Note. Be aware, and neither of those are four letters. Land and love, this is a big part of what life, another four letter word is about.

Even fuck, the bad, bad, or overused word, is four letters and all that means, in the messy old English, is to get together two people are have some fun and maybe make babies. Baby is a four letter word, but these, too, for the planet’s sake: we don’t want too many. Hold the line at two children if you can. Let your wish to for… ( (whatever it is children provide) be filled with two kids. For the rest: love your self. Self, four letters, the core of us. Core. Self. Love. Land. Take. Note. Love the land, land in love, have a good life. Good.


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