Thursday, March 02, 2006

Thursday, March 2: Taking the Back Back, 4

Okay. Are you having fun exploring your back? Are you taking back the attitude of exploration and discovery? In our discoveries we can begin to recover the mobility and youthfulness we may have let go in our adultness.

This is what is like to be a child: few habits, tons of learning. At about 13 years old we are about half habits and half learning. By adult we are almost all habit and little learning. The solution: play with small aware movements and learn to move and breathe and think and feel better.

Okay, the back, the middle of the back. We’ve moved it forward and backward, with tilting the pelvis. We’ve moved it side to side with tilting the pelvis. Now to put it all pleasurably together. Find the center of your back and bring it backward. Let the breast bone, aka sternum come back and slightly down, let the back round, let the pelvis tilt so you can feel yourself rocking back on your bottom.

Then come up a little and move the center of the back to the left, tilting to the left side of your pelvis and letting your head tilt to the right, so there is a nice arch in your back to the left.

Then bring this arch forward, bringing the center of your back forward, your sternum forward and up a little and your pelvis tilting forward. Feel the length of you in this position. Feel your top of your head getting long and up.
Then bring the center of your back to the right, as you tilt onto the right side of your pelvis, and let your head tilt to the left, so there is a nice pleasant arc to the right.

Then keep moving this arch around and around.

And then change directions. Take lots of rests and you go about this.


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