Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Wednesday, March 15: Love Is

Love is good. If we knew how to love we would do it all the time. What is the right time to begin? Now.

What is there to love now? The breath perhaps, our breath. Life, perhaps, our life. Love perhaps, our love. We can love loving our life and our breath.

Why not go the whole Byron Katie route and Love What Is. That would mean loving gravity which pulls us down and bones which hold us up and eyes that read this and lips that speak and teeth that chew and bodies that know how to turn chewed up carrots into our life, into fuel for our life. Do we know exactly how that is done? Probably not. Why not love the not knowing, the mystery, the miracle of processes that go on to help and nourish and keep us alive and we don’t know them.

I don’t know sometimes how to do something. A handstand in the middle of the room, how to speak Russian, how to balance on one foot for a long time with my eyes closed, how to wake up in my dreams. Big tragedy? Nah. Just stuff I don’t know. Maybe yet. Maybe never. I can love me in my not knowing state and my learning state.

It’s all allowed and not necessarily a waste of time. Indeed, it’s a great efficiency, since then I don’t have to go around trying to convince anyone else to like or love or approve of me. I can be the one that does that.

I love that understanding. Understanding is something sweet to love and so is standing. Standing on my head. I can do that. Love it. I learned that in my over fifty life. I love that. I’m learning how to run again. I love that.

Now I type and am almost done for today and I didn’t want to write and did and I love that. Ciao. Chris.


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