Saturday, April 22, 2006

Saturday, April 22: Good stuff with a fine young lad

Do you like to look people in the eyes?


That's fine, but how about some variety from looking at the floor around people. How about sometimes looking over their heads. Or sometimes looking at their hair and they'll think it's looking at their eyes.

He looks at his Mom. "Hey, Mom. Am I looking at your eyes?"

She thinks yes. "No. I'm looking at your hair." He's delighted. Now he has an option to looking down.

I suggest he can also look at the ears, too. He likes that.

This is what we need to change to be happy. Not rules on how to stop behavior that is bothering us or others, but a variety of options so we aren't stuck in any one pattern.

What is life about anyway, if not being happy, being aware, learning, and loving, where loving can be all the way from liking someone's smile, to being useful to another human, to being mad out full on in love?


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