Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sunday, April 2: The Importance of Laziness

Some days we just feel it’s great to be alive. This is a sign to us: pay attention and see if you can have more of your days like this, or all of our days.

Today is one of those days. The weather is mild and pleasant. I don’t have pressure to get anywhere on time. I have some time to myself to putter in a garden or putter in reading or putter in Feldenkrais, time to move gently and with awareness and keep heightening my pleasure and knowledge of how I connect to myself.

This is nice.

All days aren’t like this, but the hints are there, the hints are there: slow down. Pay attention. Do at least a little bit of conscious and pleasurable movement. Keep learning. Come back to that softness that happens when we follow our breathing, when now is not only good enough, but just fine, great wonderful.

This is a bit of a ramble. Oh, well. That’s what today is like. It’s Sunday, a day to rest, a day to do less, a day to connect with the moment and the pleasure of having a body and a mind, and bringing them back together, which they already are, and bring myself back to the present, where I already am, and allowing the seeping back in of happiness, again, that state that is there when the other nonsense is let go.

Even this essay, isn’t hard hitting, isn’t detailed, a hint of the wonders of being happy about being alive, and not much more.

Essay as gesture, which is just fine for a lazy spring day in New Jersey. Laziness as a lifestyle is hard work, actually. But a lazy day, a lazy hour, a lazy evening or morning, these are a food for our soul, a kind of gift to ourselves. A kind of way of being kind to ourselves. . I came out to learn a lot on the east coast. I did. Now, I have the day I planned to take it easy before getting in an airplane. This =day is my gift to myself. Good job, Chris. Thanks.


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