Thursday, April 20, 2006

Thursday: April 20, Do Yourself a Favor

Come to a lesson where you will:

•Move in new ways or ways you haven’t since you were young.

•Connect parts of yourself ( including awareness) that have been strangers for years.

•Come into a state of presence and pleasure and curiosity

•Turn on your learning switch

•Improve coordination and strength, without effort or strain

• Get smarter

Groups lessons are available:

Thursday night, 6:30-7:30 PM, call for location

Sunday evening, 5-6 PM, at Sonoma Ballet Conservatory ( going to 4:45-5:45 when Jewel’s dance starts up again)

Individual lessons, called Functional Integration®, radically improve function, feel great, are gentle and amazing, healing if that’s what you need, or the gateway to tremendous improvement in some sport or activity, and enhance a sense of well-being. Free lessons for any children with neurological issues.

Daily, almost essays at, though today, this is what you’ll see, but yesterday’s was about Buddha and wanting, and the day before’s was about giving what you want to get, and so on.

Phone, at 996-1437, hope to see you soon.



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