Thursday, April 06, 2006

Thursday, April 6: Going Slow

If we want to be happy, we need to come back to this moment. If we are in a rush we are at the next moment, and we can’t be happy. No, it is worse than that: if we are in a rush we are nowhere, because our bodies are here, without our sensing and awareness and our mind is there, without feeling and sensing . Between the place where we really are and aren’t paying attention, and the place we think we want to be there is a chasm, and into that chasm falls:
Our lives.

This very breath. It is so easy to say, so easy to forget and then the remembering can be either a sweet homecoming or more of the same old nonsense of scolding ourselves for not being perfect. But we aren’t perfect and can either have a sense of humor about that, or get mean with ourselves. Being mean is no fun, so we might as well get a sense of humor.

Sometimes we forget to be present, sometimes we remember. All we need to do is cultivate a sense of the difference, the delight in being present and let that delight be our guide.


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