Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Tuesday, April 11: I Wonder

How to have a wonderful life? Among other things ask, I wonder….? This is advice that Anat Baniel gives as central to how to go about giving hands on lessons with children, or adults. Taking an attitude of curiosity, we set up conditions to encourage curiosity. Win, win, won, won, wonder full, wonder full.

I wonder what I’m going to write next?

I don’t know.

A voice says: you should know. The Byron Katie system gives me a break, with the question, Is it true I should know what’s going to come next. If I know what’s going to come next, there is a certain security, and the thrill of being in the moment and discovering the next moment as it unfolds is gone.

Apparently the above paragraph was what I had next. Then a voice could say, this isn’t good enough, and the BK work asks: Is that true? And, How do I feel and react with the “This isn’t good enough?” Riff. Weary. I’m tired of that voice. Aren’t you. And the fourth question: Who would I be without that story? Just me, writing along, neither good enough, nor not good enough, just following what happens next.

And I’m ready to stop. And a voice says, “This should be longer.” Is that true?

I don’t know. Maybe not.


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