Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Wdnesday, April 26: Health Tips, my take on this

I think anyone, who wants, could benefit from the Byron Katie work, and the Feldenkrais work. Health stuff, I think we could all use, but the following are my own idiosyncratic conclusions, and I’m not really sure what would be good for whom. But somewhere in here good health can be found, or health can be improved.

1) Eat organic.

2) Eat stuff in season.

3) Eat stuff not from cans or packages. Throw away the microwave.

4) Don’t eat sugar, diet stuff, any soft drinks, anything with preservatives and so on.

5) Let the coffee go.

6) Eat one or more raw foods meals a day. Easiest probably is breakfast: some fruit topped with a smoothie of soaked nuts or seeds ( soaking helps deactivate enzyme inhibitors) and some sweetener ( banana, stevia) in the smoothie. Dinner of salad with a dressing/smoothie of soaked seeds/nuts/ginger/spices/seaweed/organic apple cider vinegar/olive oil/flax oil ( or soaked and ground up flax seeds, or flax seeds thru a coffee grinder) and so on, is the second easiest.

7) Less dinner than lunch. This is hard. Early or no dinner is really good and is even harder.

8) Outside everyday, walk, garden, ride a bike.

9) Stay out of cars at least two days a week, if you can.

10) Get some high quality enzymes to eat if you eat cooked meals.

11) Consider occasional raw animal protein: raw milk, butter, cheese, and even meat/fish.

12) Seaweeds are hugely healthy. Celtic sea salt is on the way there.

13) Greens are the foundation of health, the more strong the better, with weeds and wild greens being the best.

14) If you can stand it, give up bread and pasta. Only eat whole grains, as whole grains, as in rice, wheat berries, oat grouts, millet, quinoa, and so on. Add organic butter and they’ll taste great.

15) Again, if you want to aid digestion and health, mix grains with veggies, and protein with veggies, but not grains with protein. This is hard, but satisfying once you get the hang of it.

16) Water and liquid: good.

17) Happy thoughts: good.

18) Getting to bed earlier: good.

19) Regular learning and pleasure: very good. Feldenkrais is a good way to get both in at the same time.

20) Being present is harder than having Feldenkrais to do, and is to be recommended at all times that it can be done.

21) Practice the three L’s: laugh, learn, love.

22) Liking is almost loving, and breathing in and breathing out is something that can be liked any moment we are awake.

There’s probably more, but I’m bored with this. Variety is good, and stopping things when enough is enough is good, and learning to be focused as well as imperfect is a fine habit to cultivate.



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