Saturday, May 06, 2006

Saturday, May 6: Chapter 6: How to give Yourself Hay Fever

I hardly ever have hay fever, but I had a bit of a sneeze and itchy eyes yesterday. As with emotions, I could take the victim approach: oh, me oh my, this hay fever just happened to me, all those mean pollens in the air. Or I could take responsibility. How did I do the hay fever to myself yesterday?

By eating gluten, for one. Gluten not even in the form of wheat or floor, which are the usual culprits, but in the form of sprouted rye bread. Gluten and some casein, the glue like core to cheeses, these were how I gave myself hay fever. The casein from some cheese samples when we were up visiting another town.

The greatest way to really pour on the hay fever is to eat pizza. I have an amazing memory of living in the country around Sonoma and being not only surrounded by fields of grass, but spending a couple of hours a day scything them down, wonderful physical work. Never did I get hay fever. Then once, in my days of giving up bread, I had to have my fix, and brought some home from a pot luck dinner (pot lucks are the bane of people trying to get free of the habitually unhealthy way most people eat). I ate a bunch of the bread, good Artisan bread, and bingo, sneezing my head off.

And, even more amazing, the dog next door, the day after the family had Mary’s pizza delivered, sneezing all day. A dog with have fever from the gluten in the crust and the casein/glue in the cheese!

If you want to check out how to go gluten and casein free, check out the GFCF Diet, in, a site for Talking About Curing Autism Now. This diet helps 85% of autistic kids improve their symptoms, and will help probably an even higher percentage of hay fever sufferers.


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