Sunday, May 28, 2006

Sunday, May 28, ch 28, Moving is Life

Sit it a comfortable place. Breathe and notice your breathing. Notice gravity and how your spine is holding up your head and how your feet are place on the ground. Notice your over-all feeling tone.
1) Bring your right shoulder forward, easily, simply, many times. Notice breathing and spine and gravity while you do this. Notice what else moves as you do this. See how pleasurable you can make this.

2) Rest a bit. Then bring your left shoulder forward, with all the same awareness and wish for ease and mindfulness and pleasure.
3) Rest a bit. Bring one shoulder forward and the other back, back and forth, many times, with ease and pleasure.

4) Rest a bit. Now bring both shoulders forward and come back to your starting place. Again, many times, easy, exploring and enjoying.

5) Rest a bit. Now bring both shoulders back and return to the starting position.

6) Rest. Find the place in your back directly behind your belly button. We’ll call this your power back area. Bring this area back by tucking in your stomach and rocking back on your pelvis. Feel this as a rolling forward in the chest and a come back in your belly. Let your breath come out as you do this. Do this easily.

7) Rest. Now, move the power back forward. Press your belly out, rock forward on your pelvis and feel your back arching and your spine

8) lengthening. Do this many times, with ease and increasing pleasure and clarity.

9) Rest. Now move both shoulders forward as you move your power back backward. Go slow. Feel how this can be easy and elegant. Enjoy this. Learn from this.

10) Rest. Now move both shoulders backward as you move your power back forward. Feel the rocking in your pelvis. Feel your belly pushing forward. Allow yourself sometimes to breathe in as your belly push out and sometimes to breathe out. Go slow. Feel the whole spine, from bottom to top moving as your shoulders move forward.

11) Rest. Now move shoulders both forward and back as the power back moves in the opposite direction.

12) Rest on your back. If you have time, do everything above on your back. One shoulder forward, and then the other, and then both forward, both back, power back forward, power back back, and the combination of shoulders and back.


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