Friday, June 30, 2006

Friday, June 30: Walking Better

One simple way to explain the Feldenkrais Method®, is to say that it is an education system, using moving and awareness, to upgrade our level of organization, so that we can think better, breathe better, move better and walk better.

Walk better? But we all know how to walk, most of us anyway, right? Don’t we walk every day from the bedroom to the kitchen? Don’t we open the door and walk all the way to the car, where we snuggle in, and drive and then walk twenty or maybe even fifty feet across some parking lot to our next destination? Don’t we walk around the grocery store, although the shopping cart is a big help?

Yeah, yeah: and I ask: Do you like to walk? Do you enjoy it? Do you delight n it?

Here’s a test: when you go to the movies or an event, how close do you like to park your car, if you are unlucky enough not to be able to walk or ride a bike there? Do you park as close as you can, or a couple of blocks away? If you park a couple of blocks away, thinking that you don’t want to deprive yourself of at least a little bit of walking, then you like to walk. If you park as close as possible, then, your robot at least, has forgot how wonderful walking is.

Who runs us? Us or our robot? This is a deeper aim of the Feldenkrais work, to discover our habits and robot behavior and to wake up to the possibilities of many choices in everything we do. Sound good? Does to me.


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