Monday, June 26, 2006

Monday, June 26: More advice for real health

The first set of advice is this, be healthy. Slow down. Connect with your breath, with nature, with the people you love and you wished you love. Now, nature and love.

The second layer of advice is this: get healthier. Realize that if you are putting inorganic food in your body, or inorganic lotion on your body, you are probably feeding yourself harmful chemicals. Do you want to do this to yourself?

But organic is so expensive. True, unless you grow it. True, unless you discover weeds that are more potent and healing than anything you can buy in the store. And what might these weeds be? Pigweed, lamb’s quarters, dock , purslane, mallow around here in California. You can probably figure out for where you live. Plant lots of these weeds in your garden. Don’t have a garden. Find some land nearby and share it somehow to garden. Hook up with a Community Supported Agriculture farm to get their fresh produce each week.

And think about the expense as money you are paying to stop going to the doctor. If you get colds, the flu, or other stuff that you need to go to the doctor for, then you aren’t healthy. If you are taking any drugs, you aren’t healthy. This is a big subject, but there are some books out there that will begin to get you going the right way. The Three Season Diet. The Body Ecology Diet. Nourishing Traditions. Eating in the Raw. Raw in Ten Minutes. The Metaphysics of Raw Foods. 12 Steps to Raw Food. Fit for Life. These all have some good hints. Dig around and imagine and experiment with what it would be like to put really healthy food into yourself.

One book, a rather heavy read, is Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. By Weston Price, who was a dentist, who in the 1930’s searched the world over for people with really healthy teeth. He found ten to fourteen groups.These groups were of the sort who had one cavity per twenty people or so. They also had great health, no heart disease, no cancer, beautiful faces and bodies. Their diets varied widely, some drank blood, some yak milk, some ate fish and overnight fermented oatmeal, some raw cheeses and butter and sourdough rye bread, some ate fish and vegetables and fruit.

What they didn’t eat, was the standard western diet of preserved food, processed food, food with sugar and refined flour. At this time in history, there was usually a village next to the healthy one who had succumbed to the sugar and refined flour diet. The book is replete with grizzly pictures of what happened to these people’s teeth (the guy was a dentist), and stories of how cancer and heart disease and general ill health came to the people on the Western food deathmill.

Anyway. The research is there. Learn from it or stick with your habits, take a pick. Keep eating refined flour and sugar and keep being sick, or throw all the packaged stuff out of your house, and start with fresh ingredients and see how you can begin having at least one or two raw foods meals a day. All that’s at stake is your life.

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At 10:09 AM , Blogger Dr. Leonid Gavrilov, Ph.D. said...

Thank you for your clever comments on this book!
I wonder what do you think about some remaining controversy on this book, which is described here:
"Nutrition and Physical Degeneration"
shorter link:
Perhaps you could please post your opinion there for other readers.


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