Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Wednesday, June 28: Change, Scary and Wonderful

Change is hard, though theoretically, we’re all for it. All for feeling happier, and moving easier, and living a simpler more peaceful life. As long as we don’t have to change anything to change our lives, then we are all for it. But if we actually have to change, say our rushing around, in order to feel peaceful, or if we have to get outside and connect to nature to stop being indoors so much, then, hey: let’s keep on sliding.

Inertia. We get in our ruts, and if it’s a good rut, or good enough, or not so bad, we want to stay there. It’s comfortable, even if it’s uncomfortable, at least we’re used to it. It’s Our Rut. We are the Rut. Our pattern of tension we confuse with who we are. Our thoughts of worry and resentment, we confuse with us. Our greed for more and more, we confuse with us. We are a little or a lot unhappy and in pain, but it’s our unhappiness and our pain and we think somehow, that any change can only make things worse.

Well, it could for awhile. Breaking things open, we might be confused, or a little disoriented. We’d have to wake up and be present to figure out what’s going on, instead of drifting through today like we drifted through yesterday.

The upside, of course, is that if we try other ways, other options, we could find something new and wonderful for ourselves. Even if it seemed a horrible shift, like throwing out the television, or staying out of all cars for a couple of days a week, or only talking to someone after we’ve taken a conscious breath before we spout off, or sensing our hands every time we open a door, all these shifts can wake us to the miracle: we are alive. Our life is ours to experiment and discover and chose. This isn’t just for vacations and self-help workshops. This is for everyday. Wow.


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