Monday, July 03, 2006

Monday, July 3: Independance, and so on

Independence day is coming tomorrow, which means….? A parade and some booths and some hot dogs for normal folk and fireworks for all. Isn’t that nice? A change of pace, something besides the usual. A chance to come up from low grade to a higher grade of robot, our attention off the usual grind and onto the silliness of people riding horses or carrying banners or flags.

Patriotic. Or idiotic? Who knows. Back in some ancient date, 1776, which isn’t so ancient in world history, some people decided that they didn’t want some foreigners controlling their country. So they threw the foreigners out. Since then many people have followed this idea, say in Vietnam, and the French and the Americans decided to kill them for copying this American idea. Now some Iraq people seem to have this idea, and some Iraq people seem hell bent on make hell of life for everyone, but we do seem to be the British once more, trying to enforce our Empire.

Oh, well. Can we, can I, be awake to the moment while all this is going on? That’s the question. Can I be awake and happy and useful to myself and to others and to the planet? Well, today’s another day to give it a go, and now, of all times, is the greatest time to come back to the now and feel my fingers on the keys and my breathing coming in and out and the feel of how my spine is holding me up in space and how my arms and legs and spines are situation in this wonderful world.

Waking up. That could be a new revolution, don’t you think? If people were awake, they could be happy, and wouldn’t need to rush off to buy stuff and we wouldn’t have a world oriented around stuff for people to buy. Gads, what would the world be for, if not stuff and shopping for stuff? Well, who knows, taking walks, talking to people with real listening, tending to our gardens. I think we could all find something to do. Just repairing all the damage will keep us busy for awhile, and by then we can surely have evolved ways for humanity to pass its time other than consuming the Earth to make way too much stuff for way too many people to consume.

What a dream, eh?


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