Saturday, July 01, 2006

Saturday, July 1: The Delight of Being You

As you sit or stand or lie down, just how does it feel to be you? When do you breathe in, when do you breathe out? What happens if you notice your pelvis and let it move a little, as if in a circle, as if doing a hoola hoop?

Can you enjoy your belly coming forward, soft and full, and your ribs rolling around form side to side and your belly tucking in as your pelvis tucks forward?

Like this enjoy the belly and the pelvis as if they are chasing each other in circles. Can you feel that? Can you enjoy that? Can you be delighted to be you?


Roll your imaginary hoola hoop, both in a sitting and a standing position, and breathe easily. Do this in both directions. Do this with eyes open and closed. Feel your feet on the ground. When you are sitting, feel to change of weight on the chair. When standing, feel the change of weight on your feet.

Now do it slower and with more awareness and enjoyment. See how much of you, you can delight in.



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