Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tuesday, July 18: A Way Inconvenient Truth

Human beings have three choices: to be asleep as a low grade robot, to be asleep as a high grade robot, or to wake up.

Does this have a connection to the inconvenient truth of us falling asleep at the wheel of taking care of the Earth that takes care of us?

Is that a rhetorical question, or what?

So, here’s the deal: we are awake to the moment and are deliciously happy to talk to a friend, to walk to the store, to listen to the bird: this is all pretty easy on the Earth. Or we are a high grade robot, full of vim and vigor, rushing with good smiles from work to meeting to gym to family activities. We get a lot done and it looks like we’re there, but if we were asked if we were really in the moment, the answer would be, No. This isn’t so great for our lives, nor is all the rushing very good for the Earth. As the low grade robot, we snarl at our family, give the finger as we rush around in our cars, complain about everything we notice and are surprised to end up in a hospital with one of the diseases of our time. The hospital pumps us with poisons and radioactives, and all this is way ungood for the Earth.

So, am I saying we could be happier if we would slow down and be less of a go getter ( or go get and follow our breathing and sense ourselves at the same time?) and take more pleasure in the simple things and wake up to the moment and that would be good for the Earth?



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