Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Wednesday, July 5: A Few Principles

Use less force. Try less and breathe more. Wait longer and be more curious about what possibilities can happen that you hadn’t guess could happen.

Try something that you aren’t sure about, but are curious about. Who could you talk to that would be “hard” to talk to, or “impossible,” or “not right,” or worst of all: strange.

Wait with your breathing in a pleasant place while you do none of the things that your panic and wish to get something done instantly demand that you do.

Go to bed and breathe and smile. Wake up and breathe and sense yourself. Go to be and breathe and smile and sense yourself. Get up from your be and walk about the world breathing and smiling and sensing yourself.

See how you can be useful each day, and if nothing happens, write a list of principles that might be useful to yourself and others.


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