Friday, August 25, 2006

Friday, August 25: Don't Be Too Good: Riding a Bike

And what about riding a bike to help the old Earth out. How to do this and stay out of the Being Good trap?

• See riding our bikes as something natural, like walking and dancing.

• Love the time we spend on our bikes as time outdoors and time moving our bodies and time to go slower than the habitual rush.

• Enjoy the chance to get exercise that isn’t just going around in a circle, or even more idiotic, on a literal treadmill. When we bike to the store or the park, we are getting exercise as we get there. Feldenkrais once said that exercise was for lazy people, that people who lived vital lives got all their exercise as part of this. A good example of lazy exercisers is people who drive cars to gym and yoga and martial arts and Pilates.

• Freedom from addiction to our cars.

• Freedom from addiction to doing what everyone else does.

• Freedom from addiction to pushing too much into our days.

• A chance to move in a fun way, to be like a child again.

• A chance to explore lots of different ways to get somewhere.

• A chance to be more alive and to follow our breathing and smile outdoors.

• A chance to see, smell, hear and notice a lot more, so the getting there becomes as fun as whatever is There.


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