Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tuesday, August 15: Three Ways, and more, of Feeling Good

Hey, let’s give equal time to feeling good, as in: Wow, isn’t it great to be alive today?

I’ve just finished my raw foods lunch, which is far lazier than most raw foods “recipes,” in that it’s my usual meal of something yummy blended in a Vita Mix, that contains some serious greens ( so called weeds; pigweed and lamb’s quarters) and serious fat/protein, with some stevia sweetener and turmeric and parsley and garlic and ginger and organic balsamic vinegar and some carrots, to flavor and spark the soaked sunflower and cashew and pumpkin seeds. Anyway, a green, tasty, rich with fat and protein back up and some things nice to munch on: apples picked today and squash picked today.

Anyway, perhaps eating all this high quality food has something to do with how easy it is to think life is wonderful, but whatever we eat, this is one way we can feel: life is great. It’s wonderful to be alive. I’m alive and that’s great. Thanks, Creation.

Okay. Then, keeping with our Feldenkrais theme of freedom is having the options to do/be something in at least three ways, what are some different ways to feel great?

A couple of them, are the “normal” ways, and they begin to unravel our happiness before our eyes. Like this: worrying how long it’s “going to last.”

Or getting afraid: “This is too good to be true.”

Or feeling guilty: “How can I feel so good, when there is so much suffering in the world?”

Or analyzing: What did I do to create this? This can be smart, in learning to be clear on how we create good states for ourselves. It can also be obsessive, in that we analyze away our happiness and don’t give ourselves time to deeply and sweetly experience it.

Then, there is always these ways of experiencing feeling good. As with feeling bad, we can add on:

Add on breathing as we feel good.

Add on going outside while we feel good.

Add on sensing our bodies and moving consciously as we feel good.

And again, copying the feeling bad approach, where we gave ourselves the fearless option of discovering how to make the feeling bad worse, we could see if we could be brave in a brand new way, and give ourselves the option to make the feeling good even better.

So, it’s life, eh: breathe and know you are now. Sense which parts of your body and mind and emotions are alive and up. Notice how they interrelate. See we can have more of ourselves involved in whatever we are doing, whether it’s feeling bad, or feeling good, or even numbing ourselves out. The same list could apply, and then, of course, by observing and experimenting, we undermine the tendency to go static, and we keep our learning alive, which is always interesting and healing and expanding, no matter how we feel or where we are, or why.


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