Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Wednesday, August 16: Purpose in Life

A ridiculous question if you let it bum you out because you don’t have a full proof, the giant Mom and Dad in the sky and the In crowd and all will have to approve answer.

And a nice question if you just think: what is it that I am doing and want to do well or with more of myself.

The answer might be: To Live.

The answer might be: to reforest the Sahara Desert.

The answer might be: to write the next War and Peace, but not take myself so seriously as I write it.

Who knows.

My purpose seems to be to spend time outdoors, to help people function at a more enjoyable level, to wake up to better health and awareness and help others with the same. And maybe to write the next War and Peace and not take myself so seriously. If so, this isn’t a start is it? We need people whirling into a drawing room.

Have you read W and P? Once you get past the Russian names, it’s pretty good. I especially like it that Tolstoy essentially lets himself go on rants against Napoleon and all those who thinks he’s so Great, many times he has pure chapters of rants. I like that. He wasn’t being too good or playing it too safe.

If our purpose is to live, playing it too safe and being too good will sink us all the time.


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