Friday, July 20, 2007

What is Ananda Yoga?

Ananada Yoga is a style of yoga
that emphasized yoga as not just a way
of improving and toning our bodies,
but of creating conditions for a connection
to our Higher Selves,
and even,
if you have such a way of thinking in your life,
to God.

By use of affirmations in each pose,
that emphasize inherent spiritual tendencies of that pose,
and help channel the physical energy of that pose
to a higher place within our body
(to the area often called the Third Eye,
or in modern terms clearly understood as the frontal lobe
of the brain),
and a higher place within our feeling and spiritual self,
Ananda Yoga
allows us to come closer to
our Higher Self/ the Infinite/ God.

An example of an affirmation without the G word
might be,
"I am calm. I am poised." in Vrikasana, the tree pose.
An example of a G word affirmation might be,

"I joyfully manifest the power of God,"
in Warrior 2, Virabhadrasana 2,
getting in touch with the powerfulness of our lower body,
and the joy in our upper body,
and a connecting this all to something higher in us.
Call it God, or our Higher Selves,
this is the way that
Ananda Yoga

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