Monday, November 05, 2007

Monday yoga learning: One foot and the other: Balance

m aprty teitzah

1.slight flaw
in yesterday's diatribe:


lots of bugs
in park
doing yoga

there is a reason for the
that something
"bugs" you

still: if you are going to go
i guess bugs
are one price
you pay

better than death

2. NaNoWriMo pals
the site down
too many of us
my word count is too
high to reveal,
but is a wild ride,
don't have day job
all the offerings in here
want clients to come

and the lessons on Monday
and the lessons
in the WakeUp Feldenkrais blog,
under the label movement lessons
give lots and lots
of things to do
that activate your brain
give a welcome distraction to writing
and the critical or weary voices,
and keep you thinking at
the same time
just not thinking in words
and your body/brain/mind unity
will feel better

also the monday yoga things
might be nice
writer's block unblockers

good luck

3. now
to Monday yoga:

this is a no picture
monkey see monkey do
is a lower level
than hearing
or reading
and figuring that to the real world:

we go:




1. Stand somewhere beautiful.
Look ahead, sense down, listen to feet and eyes and head.
Shift weight to the right foot, right heel.
Notice what happens in breathing as go to right,
and come back to middle.

2. Do the above and bring weight to right heel.
Again, watch, listen to breathing. Going and coming back.

3. Do these two to the left.

4. Rest between all. Walk around, sit, lie down.

5. Cross Right foot over left, i.e.
in front of and a bit to the left of left foot.
Now, shift weight right and left,
with the feet on the opposite than usual side.
watch breathing.

6. Do this and keep weight mainly on the heels.

7. Do this and keep your head in the middle, so pelvis/ butt
goes side to side
and weight shifts,
and your head stays in the middle.

8. Now, like this:
as you shift weight to your right foot, which is over to your left,
let your head flop to the right,
as in right ear toward right shoulder,
not rotating neck,
tilting, easy does it
slow and follow breathing

9. As you shift weight to the left foot, which is on your right,
let your left ear tilt down easily and
toward your left shoulder.
Notice breathing.
Weight mainly on heels.

10. Do this other feet around,
if you are so inclined.

11. Go back to beginning,
shift weight left and right,
now keeping head more or less in the middle
and weight more or less on your heels
and noticing
and being calm in
your breathing.


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