Thursday, February 28, 2008

Brains, bodies, emotions, love and learning

to have a sweet life
we need to be present to our life

this seems silly
since we almost experience
ourselves as beings
in the moment

if we are honest
most of the time
we are going through the motions
and not really
right here
with our experience

the experience, say,
of breathing in and breathing out,
the experience
of being on a chair,

the experience of
wanting to rush through this blog
to get on the the next

and the next

and what are we looking for in
that rush?

maybe relief
from a stream of worrying in our minds
maybe some sort of titilation,
a reminder that we are alive

maybe some words,
like maybe even these,
to encourage us
to slow down
and be kind to
and present with

the rush
the rush

what if we took
the next twenty minutes
and devoted it to keeping our attention
and let the "stuff we do"
be secondary

so the next twenty minutes
as a chance to follow breathing
and know where our arms and legs and spine
are in space
and to be conscious of tongue and throat and
chest if we are talking
and breathing
and keeping our minds silent
if we are listening in a conversation

a good experiment?
i don't know.
have to give it a try.

(and if we get our minds
stuck in some tape loop
and want it to "go away"
and can't pull that off
and want to be present
and can't pull that off,
what are we to do?

the great undoer,
the great liberation system,
The Work of Byron Katie
is always waiting for us

the work
we do

for now


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