Friday, February 15, 2008

spread the love: isa being rumi being isa being god


On this eve of. . .

The sunset is pink with Pleasure
A sensuous delight from my cabin in the sky
I was invited to dinner on a houseboat
Music from a voice I adore in the sweetness of the community center
But I feel like making Valentines
I do not have any red construction paper
(I like the shapes that are left after you remove the solid heart)
I do not have any cut out hearts that say
I Luv You
Bee Mine
You are Mighty Fine
I do not have the ingredients to make shortbread hearts
Or butterfly wings made of chocolate hearts
I could play cupid in the kitchen. . .
Heart Beets, Heart of Palm, Romaine Hearts
Art i choke Hearts
I could send a scanned image
But instead I ask you to imagine Your
Deepest Hearts Desire

And on this Lunar New Year
Of the Rat
We call Rumi in

I caught the Happiness Virus
Last Night
As I Sung under the Stars
It is

Kiss Me


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