Friday, March 14, 2008

Waking Up, Saving the Earth: Non-Dummies


Waking up, Saving the Earth, Being Happy, and More, for Non-Dummies
How dare I set out to write a series for non-dummies?

Well, for one thing, I don’t have to get approved to join the fabulously successful “for dummies” school, a sweet and kind approach to everything from computers (windows, Excel, web pages, OS-Dos, and more) to the Bible/Catholicism to yoga/Pilates/golf to pregnancy to music to languages. And more. The Dummy kindness is in making the steps easy, trying to get to the basics, making the learning accessible and fun.

Sometimes they succeed in this, sometimes not quite so much, and still, much as I wish and plan for these writing to be composed of many small and delightful and easy to achieve steps, I do not want to join the Dummies club.

Sorry: this Earth is in too dire of straits for the Dummies to rescue it.

Sorry: humanity is committing too much mayhem for the Dummies to wake up and stop messing up the lives of those around them.

Sorry: relationships between husband and wife, between parents and their children, between ex-mates and the other ex-mate, between religion and religion, nation and nation, are all in all in such a shambles that the Dummy approach is not going to turn around the suffering.

Sorry: centuries of mindlessness have proven this: occasional technological progress, even of the most amazing sort (accomplished by a “scientific method” designed to undermine Dummy-ness, at least in the laboratory) is not enough to bring peace of mind, real happiness, cooperation among nations, cooperation between humans and the Earth, or ongoing health, happiness and harmony.

So: am I saying that things are a mess?


Am I claiming that the way out is only through some sort of “waking up” out of some sort of “ongoing trance?” Yes.

Am I saying that we need to deny our happiness as part of this “waking up?”


Am I saying that most of what passes for “happiness” is some sort of numbing out or escape and distraction from a life lived in the present moment?


Am I say that this is bad?


Am I calling on the human race to wake up and shift its age old embedded sloth and misdirection?


Am I offering a path for anyone who wants to wake up to a more happy and useful and aware and creative and Earth healing life?

I hope so.

Is this path about being good?


Is this path about waking up?


Are most people awake when they think they are awake?


Do people go through their days, dress themselves, eat, talk to their family, get in their cars, go to their jobs, more or less perform their duties, come home, eat, watch television, talk on the phone, do computer stuff, do this and that, read books, and go to bed, all in a state of sleep?


Can I prove this?

I don’t want to.

Can you discover this for yourself?


Will this be humiliating?

Maybe. Or humorous along with being humbling. Or exciting.

Next time: Is the Earth in a hurry?

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