Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Signs of Waking, 1



There is already a power of now out there. Go power, go, go. And what are you feeling right now? Feeling as emotion, what are you feeling? Feeling as sensation, what are you feeling?

How do you feel, right now?

And whatever the emotion and the words about it, and the reasons for it, and the circumstances, let that slide for a while, and enjoy putting your awareness on the here and now sensations in your feeling of being you, right now, alive.

If you want.

Maybe feel your hands holding the book, and feel your bottom resting on whatever it is resting on, or your feet standing into the ground.

So, this is now: we have gravity, and legs and arms, and a spine in between. And our feelings have some kind of sensations toward the middle of us sometimes.

Is this too much?

Slow down.

It’s all about slowing down.

This is how you are going to love yourself more, and love others more, and end emotional suffering and feel more comfortable in your body, and help join a simplicity and ease of living that will save the Earth.

This is how, together, we are going to come back to our sanity and peace of mind and easy going friendliness that is how we were meant to be as human beings.

Can you follow your breathing, right now?

Just noticing the air coming in your mouth or nose and maybe noticing something happening in ribs or lungs or diaphragm, can you notice a difference that noticing your breathing makes?

Please don’t fix or correct or do anything fancy with your breathing, but if you notice your aren’t breathing, life might be a little more fun, a little more sweet if you did breathe.

And this is what is really interesting: what is the difference in our selves, in our sense of ourselves, in our sense of being alive, when we notice that we are breathing?
What is the difference when we notice our butts on our chairs or our feet on the ground, or back on the couch, whatever is connecting us with gravity? Can you find some pleasure in that?

This is always part of us, until we die: breathing.

This is always part of us, until we go into outer space: a connection to gravity.

Most of us have arms and legs we can use and fingers and toes at the end of them. All of us have a spine that is designed to hold us up easily in gravity. What difference does it make if you notice your spine now?

Is this too much?


Is this just right?


Is this not enough?


Part of this adventure, this learning signs of our waking to now, will be a process called the Work of Byron Katie, which could help us when we get lost in feeling bad about how the world is treating us. Part of this adventure is the wonderful retraining and opening of our awareness to what is going on in the present moment. Part of this adventure is trying this and trying that, and having experiences.

This is always true: right now we are having some experience.

What is it?

Without any story of how it should be different, what is our experience right now?
Without any story of what we have to do in the future, what is our experience right now?

Without any story of our various problems and troubles in the past, what is our experience right now?

Shouldn’t I be telling you all sorts of urgent reasons to come into the present?

I don’t think so.

Just come.

Experience the sweetness and ease of being, right now, whatever you are, right now.
This is what we save the Earth, the simple, simple, simple ease of feeling very fine, right now.

No need to go somewhere else: we are already right here.

No need to wait: now is already now.

No need to buy any Nowing outfit, no need to join any Nowing club, no need to get anyone’s approval to come into the Now.

No need to feel better to come in the now.

And, hey, get this: no waiting. In itself waiting to come to Now is about as silly as it can get. So, here we are, breathing, sensing some sort of sensation that goes along with whatever feeling we are having. Here we are, with a spine and two arms and two legs, all placed in some position in gravity? And noticing all that:

How do you Feel, now?

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