Saturday, March 07, 2009

Love, Forgiveness, Busy-ness

To love means
to spend a kind of time
with another of
God's creatures
on this sweet and amazing Earth

a kind of
timeless time,
real time
out of time,
just being there

where you slow down,
we slow down,
I slow down,
we all slow down

and listen to each other.

One person talks.
Another listens.

You/ we / I
look at the person we're talking to.

Our schedule
our hurry
our timetable
isn't more important than
that other person.

They are there,
they are precious.
We neither of us will be here
we extol in that wonder.

Too busy
for love.
Maybe we don't need to
that to ourselves.

And forgiveness.

Well, we mes up.
We realize we did
something out
of the me-me-me
(that's always how we mess up)

we realize that

we ask for forgiveness

other people grant
or they

and here's the kicker:
if they don't:
it's their business.

Easy enough to remember times
we were to me-me-me
to forgive
and go ahead
and forgive them
for their lack of forgiving us.

Cutting all the corners:
we might as well forgive ourselves.

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