Wednesday, November 18, 2009


On the floor, moving eyes and head and pelvis

Lie on the floor, on a rug or carpet. Put your feet standing and just enjoy this, this you on the ground, sinking in. Feel where you feel supported and where you are lifted a bit or a lot off the floor.

Sense your five lines, spine, both arms, both legs. Sense your breathing.

Now begin to gently, gently ease your legs to the right and then back to the middle. Just to the right, and back to the middle. Many times. Feel what this does in your spine.

Rest. And enjoy just this little bit of movement.

Now, let your legs go to the right and back to the middle and turn for three times your head to the right as your legs go to the right, and for three times turn your head to the left as your legs go to the right. When your legs come back to the middle your head comes back to the middle in each case.

Go very slowly. Sense and enjoy yourself. DO NOT go to any limit. Be slow. Be soft. Sense what is going on in the now. Enjoy the sensation. Feel the differences in your sensing here and now self between the head to the right version and the head to the left. Get interested. Be soft and easy on yourself.


Now, again, legs with knees up, drop your knees to the right and come back easily to the middle and take your head only to the left and back to the middle as your legs go down and come back up. This time add on this: for three times as your head goes left, take your eyes to the left. For three times as your head goes to the left, take your eyes to the right.

This is quite hard at first. Go slowly, make less movement than you think you should, find a way to breathe and sense your five lines and really do this.

This will expand your awareness and make your brain younger and soften your neck. Lots of soft, easy times, then rest. And now pay attention to your spine all of today.

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