Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day Fourteen: the neck starts in the Pelvis

The spine, the whole spine, and all the rest

We are humans, designed to be tall cylinders. We rise up on two legs, which as aware beings we can sense and know we are sensing. The legs hold up the pelvis which holds up the spine. We can sense that.

Now, we can, and sense the ribs held up by the spine and the shoulders held up by the ribs and the arms held by the shoulder.

Head on top.




And now, today, we will think of our spines and our necks as the same thing. When we turn to the right, we can sense and feel that as coming from all the way down to the bottom of our spine. We can even rotate our pelvis a little to the right when we turn to the right, to get all of us in on the turn.

When we turn to the left, we can add in some ribs, some eyes, and some pelvis.

Now, get this, and try this in your chair. When you turn to the left let yourself come over to the left side of your pelvis so your right knee can come forward. Help all this along by pushing out your belly and arching your back a little.

Now, turning to the right, transfer your weight to the right side of your pelvis and move your left knee forward and push out your belly a little. Enjoy this whole body turning.

Take some time today to take time out from your official and regular routine and play around with this turning that comes from all of us. You can try it standing and lying down, too. See what it is like to be long and cylindrical with a spine in the center.

Sensing arms and legs and spine and noticing and our shape throughout the day: a fine and amazing prospect. Good.

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