Monday, November 16, 2009

Day Sixteen: Sweet Sixteen, sweet and bitter straws of life

Sweet sixteen, how to sweeten our day

We can sip our day through a straw of bitterness.

We can sip our day through a straw of sweetness.

This is our chance for an amazing exploration, if we are but willing to be honest with ourselves. Because sometimes we just suck away at the bitter straw, as if that is all that life has to offer us.

So, this is our job today, to watch what is the flavor of life we are sucking: sweet, bitter, worried, hurried, in a trance, tense, free, curious, excited, happy, fearful, confused.

See if the flavors come closer to the sweetness of life, or a sort of bitter coat, or a distracted, not even their kind of feeling and flow to our lives.

Some people recommend forgiveness as the way out of bitterness, and we will, in our Work of Byron Katie time, explore the premier way to forgive (my opinion, not fact.)

Other people recommend gratefulness as a path back to the sweet straw, and you could try that if you want to.

Other’s recommend just being in the now, and in this book that means sensing arms and legs (so far, more to come), and breathing in the moment. You can try that.

You can try coming out of that bitter swirl of words and back to sensing our bodies in the present.

And then seeing what kind of shift might take place to a straw of sweetness to sip our day.

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