Friday, November 13, 2009

Day Thirteen: Keep Rotation with Learning and Waking

Keeping moving, but with awareness

Animals move. People move. Gyms are full of people “getting in shape” by moving and lifting and all sort of groovy things. And in this book, we are after waking up and being happy and living useful and alert lives.

So, let’s move some more, with lots of awareness. As a chance to increase and improve our awareness. As a chance to improve and create ease and understanding in our movement. As a chance to be happier in the moment and feel younger and better in our bodies.

As a way to be in the present.

Sit again, and turn to the right a few times as the starting move. Go only as far as easy and then back, and do this just a few times.

Now put your hands on your ribs, right hand on the left side, left hand on the right ribs. Turn now to the right, letting your ribs join the fun. Ribs to the right; head to the right.

Now just go an easy distance to your right, and let your head stay pointed that way, and bring your ribs to the left and back to the middle, as if head and ribs were two friends that needed to learn about being separate and equal. From here, bring your ribs to the right and your head to the left, so they pass each other and your head ends up pointing the way you are sitting, and your ribs and chest ends up pointing to the right.

Do this awhile, softly and as easily as you can, noticing your ribs and your sternum and your breathing and what your head wants to do and your spine. Go back and forth, head one way, ribs and chest the other.

Then rest and feel and sense yourself.

Then turn ribs and head together to the right, noticing both of them and see if the turning is more clear and easy.

Try something like this a number of times today, to both the left and the right. Notice your spine all day. Good.

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