Friday, November 27, 2009

DAY TWENTY SEVEN On the way to heaven: slow down, do nothing, do everything

On the way to heaven: slow down, do nothing, do everything

Doing nothing means this: look up from these words, and empty yourself of all words. All schedules and beliefs about who you are and what you should be doing or should have done, or what size or shape or age or “type of person” you are.

Don’t be so rich in beliefs and ideas.

Be poor.

Be empty.

And in this emptiness fill up with experience.

What is your experience of gravity, right now? The weight of your body, is it pressing through your pelvis onto a chair, through your back onto a couch or bed, through your feet onto the floor or the earth?

What is your sensing of your arms and legs and spine right now? The shape of you, the feel of the shape, the length and heaviness and position of these wonderful arms, and also our wonderful legs.

And the spine in between. Feel, sense, aware about, notice, pleasure in, all at once: spine two arms and two legs.

Don’t forget the fingers the toes.

And the nose: feel the breath coming in and out.

And the belly: breath coming in and out.

Empty of all our old riches, we fill up on the richness of ten fingers, ten toes, belly eyes ears and nose.

Eyes to see: what is in front of us. Look up from book or computer screen. Experience that, right now.

Ears to hear: what are the sounds coming in while we sense arms and legs and spine and fingers and toes and feel the breathing in the belly and the nose.

And no words telling us we have to do this.

Just give it a try.

Feeling the hugeness of now when we sense look and listen. So much in every moment, every now, all for us, always.

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