Saturday, December 05, 2009

Day Thirty-five: Now is Gold

We are always in the now

When we are turning our heads to the left, we can do that only in the present moment. When we turn our heads right while we turn our eyes left, we can do that only in the present.

However, we can be unaware that we are in the present. We can be daydreaming about the night to come, or fretting about the day past. Or we can be right there, sensing our necks and our spines and our ribs and our shoulder blades and our pelvis.

This is the grand advantage to movement work with attention: it is such a fine opportunity to be present.

And, get this: every moment is a grand opportunity to be present.

As you read these words, right now, your breathing is something you could be aware of. In and out: the breath.

Up and down: the world of gravity.

As we have been playing with: you could be reading these words outside of yourself, and hearing the sounds outside of yourself, and sensing both arms and both legs and your spine.

Ten fingers, ten toes.

Two arms, two legs.

One spine.

Breathing coming in and out.

Light coming in.

Sound coming in.

Being present, in a certain way, in a certain very grand way, is making love to life.

Dedicate this day to being present as a gift to yourself, the gift of living your life with awareness and now-ness and awake-ness as you live your life.

This is words until you do it.

Then it is gold.

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